Birthday party

That birthday is coming up. Perhaps it’s your birthday, or perhaps you’d like to surprise someone close to you with a party to remember. You definitely want to do something with a difference, so why not surprise everyone with semi-naked butlers! Tell your mates you’ve got a hunky butler for the evening. When he opens the door dressed in Bow-tie collar and cuffs pus very little else, they’ll get the surprise of their lives!
Birthday party London

Birthday party ideas


Finding new and unusual birthday home party ideas can be difficult, but with our buff butlers, you won’t need to think too hard or worry that your party won’t be full of fun. If you prefer to use some other venue, we’re up for that too. Our cheeky butlers give your birthday party a naughty touch that will get your friends in the party mood. Naughty fun is going to be had!

Our waiters in the buff don’t just look good – they’ll prepare and serve the food with perfect efficiency, they’ll pop those champagne corks and keep the refreshments flowing. No-one will be able to complain of an empty glass! The ladies might be more inclined to summon the buff waiter than usual, but who can blame them?But the service doesn’t stop there. Our cheeky butlers get the part going for you. They’re able to turn a shrinking violet into a party animal – just give them a chance. How about some birthday party games? If there’s any ice left to break by the time you’re done with dinner or snacks, they’ll do it for you. They’ll get everyone laughing till it hurts! There isn’t a party trick they don’t know.

Birthday party in London


Let’s face it, a birthday party in London has to be a special affair if you’d like to make it memorable. You and your guests are used to every kind of entertainment except… We have something really unique and naughty to offer. Naked butlers are not what you’ll find at any and every party! Get people talking with your naughty birthday night in London. Have your semi naked butlers feed the ladies strawberries, or get them dancing with your guests. There’ll be fun and games all night long – our boys will see to it. They know how to get the party going and keep it going! Your friends will all want to know where you got your cute, helpful and very cheeky butlers.


Birthday party: how to organise it


Throwing a memorable party is great fun, but doing the organising can give you grey hairs! Our comprehensive, semi naked butler service doesn’t stop at keeping your guests entertained. We’ll even help you with the party planning. We have all the experience necessary to know what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’. Getting your birthday weekend party in London organised is as easy as contacting us. Hunky butlers for birthday parties are much more useful than strippers! Imagine being served by a waiter in the buff? Our guys are real party people – we can guarantee the fun you and all your friends are going to have.


Let us rock the party


Why not have a great girls’ night in, bachelorette party or hen night with our hunky butlers? Surprise a bride to be with a cool bridal shower or champagne breakfast. They’re also a great accompaniment to a divorce party. We spice up corporate parties and add pizazz to gay parties in London.



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