Bridal shower London

Your best friend’s getting married in London? and you and your mates want to do something special for her, so you’re planning a bridal shower. You’re going to make sure all her lady friends are there and you want it to be fun from start to finish. The bride’s going to get everything she needs for her new home, but you also want everyone to have a memorable time. Great concept. How will you turn it into reality? Here’s a hint: ‘buff naked butlers!
bridal shower partybridal shower London

Bridal Shower London

London bridal shower guests may turn up just because they like the bride, but you want to show everyone a good time too. Bridal shower ideas in London need a touch of the different. What about some alternative bridal shower ideas? Why do what everyone else has been doing for years? After all, everyone loves surprises.Surprise the ladies with a semi naked butler. They’ll soon realise that the bridal shower you’re throwing will not be a dull occasion enlivened only by a bit of polite chit chat! Give your soon to be married friend the surprise of her life with waiters in the buff. It’s all just good fun and games, only the cheeky bits are exposed: naughty, but really nice! Of course, our hunky butlers have all the attributes you’d want in a semi naked butler. You’ll soon find the hidden party animal in each of your guests.

Bridal shower ideas

A lot of bridal showers in London turn into rather boring events. The girls bring presents, there’s some idle conversation and then everyone goes home. You can do so much better than that! A bridal shower in London should be a fun affair. Butlers for bridal showers and at least one waiter in the buff are sure to come as a huge surprise for your friends. Turn a boring bridal shower into a crazy party that people will be talking about for years to come.Here’s another great idea: get your naked butlers to prepare the food as well as serve it. Our boys know how to cater, and they’ll even clean up afterwards. The ladies might just want to observe this phenomenon! Gifting time can be a scream too. Why not get your cheeky butlers to hand over the presents? You’ll soon know if your bride to be can be a ‘blushing bride’!

Bridal shower games

Get everyone in the mood to party with some fun bridal shower party games. Let your buff butler or butlers run the show. They know how to get the ladies laughing. Remember to have your camera handy. Our buff butlers don’t mind photos and you’ll get some really cool mementos of that special occasion and those crazy cool bridal shower games that should keep your bride blushing for years to come! Bridal shower weekends have never been cheekier.Our hunky butlers are more than just pretty faces and cute cheeks, they know how to get the party rocking. Are you considering strippers instead? They’re not nearly as useful or as sociable as our charming, semi naked waiters. Give it a try!

We add spice to just about any party

Don’t forget to get hunky butlers for the bachelorette party or hen night. How about a fun girls’ night in or a champagne breakfast? You could even consider organising a very different type of corporate party. Don’t forget to tell your gay friends. A gay party with our butlers is always a scream. Then there’s that special birthday party – add a bit of naughty but nice with semi-naked butlers.


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