Bachelorette party

The wicked side before wedding day

Why let the guys have all the fun? A bachelorette party lets the ladies get in touch with their wicked side before the big day. If you’re in charge of organising a Bachelorette night in London, you’re going to be looking for all the latest Bachelorette night ideas. We’ve got them. The girls are going to have a scream. You can stop worrying about whether you’ll do the event justice, just get us on board and it’s as good as done. You’ll have an evening that’s filled with naughty fun. Here’s how:

Bachelorette party ideas

London is one of the party capitals of the world, so you’ll be wanting to pull out all the stops. A bachelorette weekend party in London has to be something really special, or you’ll have everyone yawning and going home early.

Here’s how you’ll get the girls going. Get a buff butler service – one that offers you semi naked butlers. Just imagine the scenario, your friends arrive and are welcomed by butlers in the buff. Cheeky butlers serve them all the food and drinks they could possibly want – and more – they’ll want to keep the boys coming back! But that’s not all – when it comes to bachelorette night party games, the lads are ready to run the show.

Bachelorette weekend party London

This is going to be so much fun that you’re going to want to make a weekend of it, and why not? Choose a venue or ask us to help you find one and invite the girls for the whole weekend. Do you think we can’t keep the party going that long? Think again! Semi naked butlers are cool, but there’s much more to us than that. We’ll plan the party so that the girls just keep on going: Friday, Saturday – the time will simply fly.

Bachelorette home party ideas

Are you wondering whether your home might offer a suitable venue? We’ll give you some great ideas and you can decide what you’d like us to do. Who says a party from home needs to be tame? The girls are going to love the buff butlers – especially when they start feeding them strawberries! You can all have just as much fun with Bachelorette night home games as you would anywhere else and if any of your friends need to sleep over after the party, they can crash right there. No matter where you choose to hold your bachelorette party, it’s going to the best one ever!Our cheeky butlers also help out at birthday parties, corporate events and girls’ nights in to name but a few. Contact us about your event and let us add a touch of spice.

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