Girls night in party

Girls night in party

How organise a night in with the girls

You and the girls want to have a bit of fun together. The guys must stay at home, and they know why. Girls’ night in London is for the girls. Just a thought though: a semi naked butler or two might get your party going better than anything else. Imagine: they prepare the food (head for the kitchen girls!) serve it perfectly. ‘Waiter, please come here!’ Oh my! The girls are going to love this! They’ll be telling everyone about the grand time they had, and you get to the share the credit as a great party planner.

Girls night in ideas

How often do you and the girls get an opportunity to have some oh so naughty but ever so nice fun together? It isn’t every weekend, that’s for sure. So why not make your girls’ night in weekend something to remember? Hunky butlers to wait on them hand and foot are a good place to get started. Those cheeky butlers and waiters in the buff know just how to get everyone into the girl’s night in party spirit. We’ve got all the girls’ night in alternative ideas you could wish for. Party planning doesn’t have to be a bind. Just contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We love making parties fun for the whole crowd.

Girls’ night in games

What’s a girl’s night in at home without a few girls’ weekend games to add a bit of extra fun? Our buff butlers make girls’ night in party games extra spicy. You can be sure that everyone will have an absolute blast – and they’ll be talking about your girls’ night in for years to come. Get some photos while you’re at it. When did you ever get a chance of getting your photo taken with hunky butlers? Our cheeky butlers (in more ways than one) have all the experience to know just what’s going to get your guests screaming with laughter. They can dance too. Seriously: who needs strippers: dancing is the only thing they can do. Our waiters in the buff look great and they get your party going starting with the food service and ending in a crazy party that will be more entertaining than you believed possible.

Girls’ night in London

Sure, you could go to a strip club and everyone could catch cabs after the nights’ libations, but why not have your girls’ night weekends right at home? Our naked butlers are much handier than strippers! They’ll even do the catering for you. You might like to watch…

Girls’ night in ideas in London need to be different from the norm. Your girls are used to every kind of party, but we’ll bet they’ve never been waited on by Buff Butlers. Your girls’ night in London will be unbeatable, unique and everyone’s going to have just what you wanted out of the evening: a grand and glorious time with a touch of extra spice. London girls’ night ideas don’t come any better than this.

Just about any party, any time!

Spice up just about any party: birthday parties, hen dos, gay parties, divorce parties: you name it, we can do it. We’ve even added a bit of fun to some rather interesting corporate parties! Give us a call! Reserve your very own semi naked butler or get a team of cheeky butlers now.

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