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Everyone’s going to love your great gay party idea. Meantime, our buff butlers in their ever so sexy yet somehow formal costumes that include collar, cuffs and bowtie plus very little else will be entertaining your guests whilst providing faultless service. No glass will remain empty, no plate unfilled. This is the way to party!

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How to spice up your party

You’d like your gay party to provide lots of fun for the lads, you’d also like a touch of class, but acres of gorgeous young man flesh will certainly get the thumbs up from your guests. Strippers are a bit of a bore. They dance, they posture, a few pounds go in the posing pouch and then it’s over. Our cheeky butlers on the other hand, offer perfect service, will feed your guests strawberries and will cater the party too. The kitchen might just become a favourite with your guests until it’s time to serve up the snacks.

Once everyone has eaten their fill, the games begin. How about letting our semi naked butlers organise your guests for an evening of fun and laughter. Themed games get all your guests into the party spirit and our naked butlers know just how to get everyone involved.A bit of fun and laughter is a great way to get the evening started, but it doesn’t stop there. If you want them to burn up the dance floor, our lads are equipped to show everyone how it’s done. Gay party ideas have never been so naughty and yet so nice. A buff butler from us has all the party spirit, sense of fun and dedication to service that you could possibly wish for. Those cheeky bits are also pretty good! Wild parties and great times at London parties starts with us.Perfect courtesy and lots of party spirit are absolute requirements for our buff butlers and waiters in the buff. Choose one, or book the whole team for the evening. You’ll have unsurpassed fun and so will your friends.

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Of course, London party guests think they’ve seen it all, but have they ever met delightful buff butlers who play the host to perfection? They’ll greet your guests at the door, prepare and serve the food, take the lead in pumping up that party spirit and they’ll even clean up for you afterwards.

Make sure your Gay party in London is also the most talked about gay party in London. Alternative gay party ideas are just what you need, and you don’t have to take sole responsibility for showing your guests a great time. Hunky butlers will have your guests giggling from the moment they walk in until the time they leave. They’ll be asking you when your next party is. Best not disappoint them, book our semi naked butlers for upcoming functions. Add an element of surprise to corporate parties, birthday parties and decadent champagne breakfasts.Whatever the occasion, our seriously ripped butlers can spice it up, and it’s not only the delightful derrieres that do it! Tons of personality and complete dedication to creating fun times for all make our hunky butlers a pleasure to work with. Whether the occasion is formal or casual, they fit right in, wearing their cheeky costumes with the utmost ease and confidence.Contact us: we’ll help you to organise that unforgettable gay party in London!

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Birthday party: how to organise it

Throwing a memorable party is great fun, but doing the organising can give you grey hairs! Our comprehensive, semi naked butler service doesn’t stop at keeping your guests entertained. We’ll even help you with the party planning. We have all the experience necessary to know what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’. Getting your birthday weekend party in London organised is as easy as contacting us. Hunky butlers for birthday parties are much more useful than strippers! Imagine being served by a waiter in the buff? Our guys are real party people – we can guarantee the fun you and all your friends are going to have.

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Why not have a great girls’ night in, bachelorette party or hen night with our hunky butlers? Surprise a bride to be with a cool bridal shower or champagne breakfast. They’re also a great accompaniment to a divorce party. We spice up corporate parties and add pizazz to gay parties in London.

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