Divorce Party

So you’ve made it through your divorce at last. What’s the natural thing to do when you have finally released yourself from the ball and chain?Throw a party of course! Get one of our hunky semi naked butlers in attendance to help you enjoy yourself. Every woman knows that to get over a break-up or a divorce, you need to let your hair down with the girls and enjoy being young, free and single again. The whole idea of a divorce party is that it’s a rite of passage – a way of erecting a big, bright sign for yourself and your friends that says ‘It’s over. That part of my life is behind me now’
Divorce party London

Divorce party ideas

What better way to celebrate your divorce than to have a few of your girlfriends over for a few glasses of wine, a few novel ‘Divorce Party games and… wait for the icing on the cake…your own naked butlers service for the evening. Divorce party ideas at home are as good as those you’d get if you used an expensive venue – and our cheeky butlers will prepare and serve the food too.Our naked butlers won’t be offended by the verbal ‘man bashing’ that goes with this kind of event. Your buff butler is there to serve you. He’s attentive and ready to help you make the transition from marriage into the life of a single woman. Who have you got to answer to now? You may as well enjoy your divorce!

Divorce party games

Have a laugh with the girls and enjoy some risqué party games with your very own semi naked butler. He’s got an arsenal of fun things for you and your guests to enjoy. A divorce party in London can really be distinctively different as well as loads of fun. Waiters in the buff don’t just keep your glass full, they also know how to get everyone into the party spirit – including you. It’s a new beginning! Be as naughty as you please.

Divorce party in London

There are always fun and different things to do in London, but an alternative divorce party is a genuinely unusual event when naked butlers put the girls through their paces. They’ll add spice to the service and they rock the dance floor as only a hunky butler can. A cheeky butler with his ‘almost’ outfit will make your divorce party memorable even by London standards. Divorce party ideas in London aren’t hard to come by – not if you get us on board to help you with the organizing. Your divorce party weekend is going to go down in the annals of party history as a total success.

Keep on partying London

Now that you’re on the loose, you can turn yourself into a party organiser of note. Add some pizzas to hen nights and bachelorette parties. Give your friend the bridal shower she’ll never forget or spice up your birthday with a hunky butler or semi-naked waiter in service. How about a really naughty corporate party? You’ve got the guts! Show them what you’ve got. What else are you planning? A champagne breakfast? A theme party? Our waiters in the buff will make your party extra-spicy.Call us or mail us now and find out how we can help to make your party super-cool.


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