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Naked butlers in the city, City of London hunky butlers

Naked butlers in the city

naked butlers in the city

Naked butlers in the city

That very special day is just around the corner and you and the girls are thinking of giving the bride a naughty knees up before she takes the plunge into married life. This Butler in the city is going to sort the best party that gets remembered for a lifetime.

Now that you’ve decided the ‘what’ (an unforgettable night of fun), you’ve been left with the task of figuring out the ‘how’. You may even be regretting it. If you don’t come up with  any sexy night ideas with naked butlers in the city, you’re going to be letting everyone down. What should you do? Keep calm! Pick up the phone or else type us that email. We’ve got everything you need and more.

City of London hunky butlers

Living in one of the style capitals of the world can be a two-edged sword. Before the rest of the world’s caught on to a party idea, it’s already ‘old’ in city of London. That’s why organising a sexy party in London isn’t the easiest of tasks. You need lots of fresh party ideas. How are you going to keep the girls entertained?

That’s why you need us to give the girls a huge, or at least, substantially muscular surprise. Strippers are bit of a bore. All they do is dance and pose. How about getting someone who is both sexy and useful? That’s right: you need waiters in the buff and semi naked butlers that don’t just look great, but also wait on your guests hand and foot with perfect buff butler courtesy. Oh, and if you like, they can dance too! Our cheeky butlers for hen parties are efficient, but that doesn’t mean they’re staid.

London night ideas

As if having very attractive, muscular men waiting on them hand and food wasn’t enough, your friends are going to love those added touches. Would you like us to prepare your food? Your kitchen gets a waiter in the buff who also knows how to prepare food! The party might just move to the kitchen for a while…

Then the lads go about serving the food, and they give you more than one reason to smile. The service is perfect and there’s that certain something about having your champagne poured by hunky butlers wearing bow ties and little else. They’ll even feed you strawberries!You might even decide to make the party last all weekend. A Bachelorette weekend party in London can just keep on going, and our Waiters in the buff are the perfect party companions.

London party games

Now that everyone’s been fed and had a few glasses of champagne the party’s really ready to get going, and what better way to get everyone roaring with laughter than a few party games. Buff butlers come prepared with all the Bachelorette night party games ideas and all the charm you could possibly want. They’ll get the crowd organised, and even your quietest friends won’t want to miss out on the fun. Let the games begin!

London night home games

Are you having the party at your place? No problem! That doesn’t have to be any obstacle to the fun and games of the party. Our buff butlers are great fun at a party and they know how to get everyone going. Your friends will be talking about the bachelorette night party at your house for years to come. We have all the Bachelorette home party ideas you can imagine – and quite a few you’ve probably never heard of too – just get our cheeky butlers and enjoy the fun.

More ideas

Once you’ve seen what fun it is to party with our buff butlers, you will want to repeat the experience. How about having them over for the bridal shower, your birthday party or a corporate party with a difference? Imagine a champagne breakfast with buff butlers! Call us or send us a mail to find out more.

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