Champagne breakfast ideas

A champagne breakfast should be deliciously decadent. Champagne and fine food is part of the equation, but how about adding something uniquely naughty to the occasion? Semi naked butlers aren’t just great at playing host when it comes to events like a girls’ night in or hen night, they can also give you impeccable service on the smartest of occasions. After all, our buff butlers wear collar and cuffs! The fact that they wear little else adds that naughty touch that’s bound to surprise and delight your champagne breakfast guests.

Choose waiters in the buff to prepare and serve the food and drinks with perfect efficiency and courtesy. Cheeky waiters are a special treat for the ladies, and the gents are sure to find this unusual touch amusing! Providing your guests with the unexpected ensures that your champagne breakfast will be remembered fondly for years to come!

Champagne breakfast by Butlerinthecity

Wake up party with butlers

Londoners are used to luxury and they might think they’ve seen it all. Provide your London guests with something that will surprise the most jaded of party goers – a champagne breakfast with a waiter in the buff.

Allow your cheeky butlers to play the role of host. They’ll welcome your (surprised) guests and wait on them hand and foot like the professionals they are. A breakfast in London will never be seen in the same light again! Your guests are expecting complete conventionality, but instead, you’ll show your creativity with your alternative champagne breakfast ideas.

Cheeky butlers are adaptable to circumstances. Have you chosen a luxurious venue? They’ll fit right in. Are you having a different breakfast at home? Our buff butlers are just as ready to meet your requirements. Let us help with your planning. A champagne breakfast is as easy as a birthday party or a corporate part in our book. Our hunky butlers are people-pleasers with loads of experience to back them up – and they look great too!Brilliant service, absolute courtesy and a great sense of humour are essential in the job. Our semi naked butlers have all three, plus great physiques that rock that formal semi-attire.

A different way to start the day

Our gorgeous and friendly semi-naked butlers and waiters in the buff are ready for any occasion, from bridal showers to the trendy divorce party and from gay parties to formal corporate parties with a touch of cheek, fitting in with the spirit of the event comes naturally to them.

They’re great at playing host, providing excellent service and organising party games for those occasions when we let our hair down. They can also be as formal and efficient as the occasion requires. Just read the testimonials: our clients are crying out for more of the same. So will you.

Champagne breakfast service

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